Puppy Contract

SunSationHavanese  Susie and Bill Fagan  17333 Fairway Drive  Athens, Alabama 35613

email: sf8411@yahoo.com  http://www.new.sunsationhavanese.com


This Contract of Sale is being entered into this ____ day of­­­ ­_______ ­, between Susan & Bill Fagan aka SunSationHavanese (hereinafter referred to as the Breeder), and  _____________________(hereinafter referred to as the Buyer).Breeder promises to deliver to the Buyer and transfer ownership of puppy specified  below for the sum of ___________(___),  to be paid at the time of delivery.

Breed:            Havanese                                                                                      Sex:    ______

Name:            ___________________________________________________

AKC No.        _________________          Microchip No  ___________________

Whelped:       ____________                     Color/Markings__________________    (at time of sale)



Final payment for the above-referenced puppy shall be made by cash, money order or cashier’s check made out to Susan and/or Bill FaganA deposit of $500.00 will be required to hold the Buyer’s right to select a puppy contingent upon availability.  The deposit check will be held with the puppy application until such time as a signed contract is completed and applied to the final purchase price or will be returned to the Buyer if no agreement can be reached on final sale.

Upon receipt of full purchase price, Breeder will provide the Buyer with the pre-paid LIMITED AKC registration certificate and complete the transfer to Buyer with LIMITED AKC Registration as full owner.

Puppy does not become the property of Buyer until Puppy leaves Breeder’s premises.

The following terms and conditions are hereby agreed to in writing between Breeder and Buyer:

  1. The Breeder guarantees the Puppy to be healthy at the time of the sale and that the puppy has been examined by a licensed veterinarian and given age-appropriate shots and worming, if required,  and microchipped. A copy of medical treatments given will be provided to the Buyer.
  2. This puppy is registered with a limited registration which will prohibit breeding and registering any offspring. The Buyer agrees this puppy is to be spayed/neutered at the appropriate age and veterinarian confirmation of the procedure provided to the Breeder.
  3. The Breeder does not assume any liability for any injury to the puppy after delivery to Buyer.
  4. The Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery. If the puppy is found to be other than healthy by the Buyer’s veterinarian, it shall be returned to the Breeder immediately for a full refund or an acceptable replacement puppy provided, if available.
  5. The puppy shall not be given the Leptospirosis or Coronavirus vaccines and doing so will negate any health guarantees noted herein.
  6. If the Buyer is dissatisfied with the puppy for any reason within thirty (30) days of taking possession, the Breeder will refund the full purchase price. The Breeder has the right to verify the puppy’s health and condition with a veterinarian of their choice prior to issuing a refund. Travel expenses and costs associated with any return are the responsibility of the Buyer.
  7. The Buyer agrees to ensure that the puppy receives proper medical care and maintenance throughout its life and that the puppy is to be an indoor family pet and treated as a valued family member
  8. The Breeder guarantees up to the age of two (2) years that the dog is free of serious hereditary disorders such as, but not limited to: heart defects, elbow and hip defects, juvenile cataracts, hereditary deafness, patella defects which would require surgery, euthanasia or ongoing treatment. Such diagnosis must be made and documented in writing by a licensed, competent veterinarian and provided to the Breeder. The Breeder may have the diagnosis confirmed by a veterinarian of their choice and if results are corroborated, the breeder will refund up to the cost of purchase price any medical expenses associated with said finding or accept that  puppy back with a replacement puppy when available.
  9. The breeder will assign the AKC  registered name to  begin with “SunSation” and the Buyer will provide the Breeder a copy of the AKC Registration Certificate.
  10. The Buyer agrees that neither he/she nor the Buyer’s estate/executors may sell this puppy or transfer ownership without the Breeder’s knowledge and written consent. If Buyer cannot take proper care of the puppy, the Buyer must contact the Breeder who will have first right to either (a) take the puppy back with full ownership transfer or (b) assist Buyer in finding a suitable home for the puppy.
  11. If either the Buyer or Breeder takes any legal action to enforce any part of this contract, action shall be initiated in the county of the breeder’s residency and any legal fees and court costs shall be the responsibility of the party found in default.The signatures below constitute the understanding of and agreement to this Sales Contract between all parties. Buyer and Breeder have gone over this contract in its entirety and accept all terms set forth and accept it as a legal and binding document between them.

________________________       _______________________________


________________________      ________________________________

Breeder’s Signature(s) & Date      Buyer’s Signature(s)  & Date